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Looking for a cone filler to pack the perfect pre-rolled cone? There is a product out there that will allow you to do just that, it is called The Lean Green Wizard™. The cone filler allows you to pack the tightest pre-rolled cones in two sizes, which can be found at any of your local smoke shops in ¼ inch and king sized cones, for your cone filler.

The Lean Green Wizard™ breaks down into three separate pieces. The main body (which holds your pre-rolls of varying sizes), the top loading tray with a built-in funnel,which inserts into the top of the pre-roll cone, and holds your favorite herb, and the last piece is the magic wand, which allows you to pack your cone without needing to touch your herb, and pack the perfect pre-roll every time. The three pieces are not only great for packing cones, but also can be used for other devices. The top loading tray of The Lean Green Wizard™ can be used for filling any of your other devices such as; hardware, glassware, and varying other paper types. Having the ability to pack consistent pre-rolls eliminates the need to spend more of your money on already packed pre-rolls at your local shop.

Perfectly packed pre-rolls every time with the LGW cone filler

The three pieces of the cone filling machine are made from high-quality plastic molds, that are easy to clean, and also can be easily packed away without taking up space. As an added bonus each cone filler comes with a extremely durable, fully functional four piece grinder, that has a removable and replaceable keef screen/collection basket. Between the high-quality grinder and the cone filler you will be able to save time, make less of a mess, and lastly, you will have more time to enjoy your favorite herb which you can share with your friends! You can learn more here or use the links below now to buy your cone filler!

Cone Filler Highlights

Save money on having to buy packed pre-rolls
Can be used with any of your favorite herbs
Light weight, durable, and easy to clean


I don’t normally give 5 star reviews, but for this I’ll make an exception. I was so tired of fumbling around making a huge mess trying to stuff my own deformed uneven cones, and I just couldn’t justify the outrageous prices for a pre-roll anymore. I thought I’d give this a try on a recommendation from a friend, and I’m so glad I did. This thing is the quickest and easiest way to get a tight, even roll every time without the mess. I could pack a legit cone right out of the box! And now that I don’t have to buy the pre-rolls or fumble around, It’s a time and money saver. Absolutely worth the price for the ease of use and consistency of roll alone.

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